So, there I was innocently trying to help Grandma and suddenly I’m getting shouted at!  All I did was try and help Grandma finish her knitting.  She’s always hard at work and I thought I would lighten the load a little so I made my way to the living room and started to knit……. I can’t knit.   Before I knew it, there was wool everywhere.  The pattern made no sense and my sharp paws unfortunately tore it shreds.  I think I’ll leave it to her in the future!


In other news, Dad and I have been going for lots of walks and adventures.  My boot guard has been fitted so I can’t get out of the boot when Dads driving.  Spoilsport!  He has been letting me off the lead in the park though so thats good.  My recall still isnt fantastic but im mostly focused on him and the ball anyway so its been pretty good so far.


Ive also been learning about selfies!


See you soon!