Well not much different has happened this week really. Lots of walks. Mostly in Pentre Mawr. It’s fun there. I can have a play around and can explore. I can play with birds and meet new dogs. I’m getting better at that and don’t just jump on them wagging my tail like I used to. Met 2 large German Shepherd dogs last night and to be honest I was a little intimidated and his behind dad. But don’t fear. If dad was I’m danger I would have stepped up and torn them a new one!

Also moved in fully into dad’s room to sleep at night. First few nights I was loving it and slept very well. Last night I decided to push my luck a bit and asked to go out 3 times in a row until dad shouted at me for just going outside and playing in the middle of the night!

I slept after that.

Here’s a video of me telling dad to pick up my favourite toy for me!