Hope you all had a good weekend. Mines been quite different. I’ve been on a few different walks in Rhyl and Conwy. I’ve slept a lot too. I think the week caught up with me to be honest. Dad thinks I’ve been trustworthy enough to get a bit more freedom round the house. I’ve been very good at going out to toilet and my reward is I can go upstairs on my own and if Dads home I can go in his bedroom. He’s even moved my cage into his room so I can sleep there at night.

We’ve spent the evening chilling out up there and I’ve found a really cosy spot under the bed that I like to go and lay down.

I admit it’s not going fantastic tonight though as I’ve slept so much today that I’m not so sleepy and with the excitement of changing my sleeping arrangements I think it’s made me a bit anxious. It’s also quite warm tonight so right now I’m curled up on the bed with Dad chilling out to some Pink Floyd!  Dad has great taste in music.

Apologies in advance in case you don’t get a lot of sleep Dad. We’ll get there in the end I promise!