So I’m obviously a growing lad and getting taller by the day.  I’ve now discovered I can get out of the boot and jump into the back seat of the car if I so wish to.  Dad didn’t seem very happy with that.  Apparently it can be dangerous.  Can’t be worse than his driving!  Anyway, Granddad and Grandma have bought a boot guard that will stop me getting out of the boot.  The traitors!

It doesn’t come till the end of the week so I will enjoy my fun while I can!


Today we went for a walk in Pentre Mawr Park in Abergele.  It was lovely.  Lots of open space and woodlands to explore.  Dad says we are going to come back a lot and I think thats a great idea.

IMG_1925   IMG_1930


Its a good place to hone my awesome dog skill and have lots of adventures.