Well it’s now nearly been my first full week of Walkies so time to reflect on my adventures.  I’ve been to 3 different beaches in Conwy, Old Colwyn and Rhyl.  I’ve been to Conwy Bird Sanctuary (well the bit us dogs can walk on). I’ve been to Towyn Fun Fair and Towyn Park and I’ve walked around Towyn a bit too. All in all its been a lot of fun and adventure.

I’ve been meeting people and other dogs during my walks and I’ve made friends with Lyndons dog Rhea.  I’ve also had a bit of experience of roads and cars driving past. I’m slowly getting used to that as well as cyclists riding past.

I’ve also experience a few different kinds of weather including sunshine, wind and rain.  None of which phased me one bit.

Tonight I’m going to Marl Wood in Llandudno Junction so that will be nice.

I wonder what future adventures I’ll have!