Well yesterday Poppy and I were so beat from our first ever walk that we slept most of yesterday. Mum and Dad took one look at us and decided not to take us up the Orme. It was chucking it down with rain so I think Dad was secretly thinking of himself!

Today Dad and I went to Towyn beach. We walked from our house and I quickly realised there is a LOT to explore. Every bin, piece of rubbish, discarded takeaway and cigarette butt needs to be sniffed and catalogued and I’m just the dog to do it!

We went through Knightly’s Fun Fair and met a few other dogs on our travels. I growled a hello to them and did my best bear skin rug impression while wagging my tail furiously to let them know I’m friendly.

We went over the railway bridge just as a train went under which I don’t mind telling you nearly made me shame my species. Dad reassured me it was ok and we went on with the walk.

He tells me we are going to meet Lyndon and his dog Rhea tonight by a giant butterfly or something. I think he was talking about a bridge but I wasn’t really paying attention.

Until then I’m going to have a relaxing day.