Hi! Welcome to my awesome life of fun, play and adventures.

My name is Sparky.  Im a Welsh Collie born in Bala, North Wales on Friday 3rd April 2015.  That makes me almost 16 weeks old.  My father is a black and white working Border Collie and my mother is a brown and white Welsh Collie.

The first part of my life was spent on the farm in Bala.  I can’t really remember much about that time now but here’s a couple of photos that my parents owners put online when they wanted to sell me.

20150624_174442_resized 20150624_174547_resized

Don’t I look ridiculously cute?!  I was so chilled out that I let kittens sleep on me!  I’m pretty sure this is what made my new Dad choose me!

On the 27th June 2015, My new Dad and his family came to see me.  We got on straight away and they took me home that very afternoon.  I was a little nervous at first but soon got to know My Dad, his girlfriend (Mum!) and my new younger step-sister Poppy.

This is Poppy.  My new little sister and best friend.


We play together a LOT.  It usually gets quite animated as we like to play-fight and play tug-of-war.


My new Dad has also taught me about toys.  This is my sheep. He is my favourite.  I guess its in the genes.

I love my new life and have many interests.  Unfortunately they are confined to my Dads house in Towyn and Mums house in Glan Conwy at the moment as I have only had my first innoculation (I was very brave and barely made a sound).  But that hasnt stopped me finding plenty to do. My favourite activities are…..

I also do impressions!

I’m currently building a portfolio of impressions.  Here are my first couple….

Like all good adventurers I have a nemesis….


His name is Smit.

He hates me.

He hates everybody.

I don’t know why, I’ve done nothing but try to be his friend.  Maybe we will be friends in the future.


Anyway, thats my life so far.  Please come back often to see more of my awesome adventures and my new life!